Problem & Objectives
Problem & Objectives is a disruptive platform with new education models different from the traditional methods. In order to offer this added value, it was necessary for them to have the right tools to allow them to connect and have good communication with the different actors such as universities, companies, students, professors and other strategic partners in one single place, as well as having an efficient management for al of its offered services.
Proposed Solution
Proposed Solution

We redesigned and reengineered their processes as well as implementing Zoho and various automation and RPA tools to execute multiple tasks faster. Additionally, real-time reports were created for business intelligence.

Thanks to the digital transformation, can operate from anywhere and really move education to the digital world.
We helped them to crear automated smart marketing campaigns thanks to e-mail and social networks marketing tools.
Several databases were unified in a single ``center of knowledge`` that allows high managers to view the day-to-day operation's BI reports.
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