Problem & Objectives
Problem & Objectives

Reddtrack is a GPS tracking platform which serves thousands of vehicles and hundreds of clients in Mexico. The constant growth and the incorporation of new equipment surpassed the infrastructure capabilities they had and they found it necessary to migrate several of their legacy systems to a much more secure, reliable and robust infrastructure.
Proposed Solution
Proposed Solution

We proposed a complete reengineering of their system:
- We redesigned the service architecture.
- We migrated their current infrastructure to the cloud with load balancers, replication servers, and security backups.
- We implemented new security layers and policies.
- We redesigned and developed the web and mobile platforms with a new and easier to use interface by incorporating various UI / UX principles.
- We optimized the usage of external tools and several proceses.

- The platform was optimized up to 200% allowing to double the number of conected devices and counting.
- We reduced the costs of services and infrastructure by up to 70%.
- We optimized the usage of external tools such as Google Maps and costs where reduced by up to 80%.
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